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Singing with Confidence

I used to be so shy in front of people until I discovered singing. The trainings I have gotten are from amazing vocal instructors from New York and UCLA who taught me how to commit to my storytelling through voice and to believe anything is achievable.

I've been teaching voice lessons and offering musical theatre coaching to many voice students who yearn to become more professional and prepared when it comes to improving their performance skills and auditions. It has been a wonderful experience meeting people from all over the world with all experiences. What I love most, is seeing the drive and motivation when they realize they are capable of using their maximum potential and have no regrets in working hard towards their dreams. If you want more information on how to book a lesson with me, scroll on down to BOOK A LESSON, submit your reply, and a separate email will be sent to you with available time slots.

Home studio is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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Currently Offering Online and In-Person

Ages 8-Adults


30 Minute Online Session

Although it won't be the same as an in-person lesson, it can still be beneficial to work on your technique with guidance online with quality audio and camera equipment to make your learning process enjoyable.

We will focus on warm-ups and technique for this short session. The focus will be more on fundamentals like pitch, rhythm, and tone. If you have a song you want to work on, we will leave the last 10 minutes of lesson to work on that.

Must have stable internet for Zoom


1 Hour Online Session

For an hour lesson, we will be able to not only take our time going through our warm-ups and explore vocal exercises to strengthen your singing, we will be diving into your song of choice with more depth and precision. We can explore character development, motivations, goals, and more to elevate your performance while vocally sounding confident. 

Bring a song that you've been wanting to work on and let's see how we can break down the music and explore new ideas.

Must have stable internet for Zoom.


30 Minute In-Person

You are welcome to come in-person to learn how to sing and work on a song in the comfort of my home studio. This lesson is great for younger students who are just starting out and want to learn ear training and fundamentals. You will be able to follow along with scales and exercises right in front of you with no holding back on your vocals.


1 Hour In-Person

This session is ideal for more experienced and adult singers. With the hour session, we go in depth on vocal technique, breath control, song interpretation, stage presence, and more. For the first half of lesson, we will work on technique, and the second half of lesson will be working on your song that you brought in. You might be preparing for an audition or you just want to learn a song in full. A whole hour will be perfect!

*prices are subject to change



If you need to record for an audition or you just want to record some videos of you singing, we are offering filming services in our home studio. We have 5 color backdrops to choose from: Green, White, Pink, Purple, and Blue.



Let's say you just need to use our backdrops to film a quick self-tape as part of your voice lesson, but you don't need anything fancy or editing. Then you are more than welcome to do that either on your phone or on your own camera. 

Sessions are reserved by hours.

The rate for this service is $65. 



If you want to use the equipment provided plus editing ( includes Nikon D5600 camera,

Shure SM 58 microphone,

Blue Yeti Microphone,

Ring Light, Soft Box Lighting,

editing software, few Headshots,

and a USB for all files)

session prices would be:

1 hour $120

2 hour $180

3 hour $250



Get in touch to book a lesson with me. Reservations are made privately through email. Students are allowed to book weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or drop-in lessons. Online and in-person options are available.

Please fill out the information below and I will reach out to you with available open spots and payment methods.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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