My goal is to primarily teach my students how to sing to their utmost potential, but also to make sure they have fun in a pressure-free, judgement-free environment. Whether you’re looking to just schedule a drop-in, or commit to monthly lessons, you will be prepared with all the information I provide and feel more assured than before. We start out with vocal warmups, breathing exercises, and other technical exercises (every student is different) and then we spend the next half of the lesson prepping a song of your choice. 

Students are expected to treat lessons seriously and commit to improving their skill each time.


Lessons  are designed for those who want to learn proper technique and training for their voice. Although lessons are flexible, students are expected to stay focused and connect with the material that is given. I closely examine how the student learns, and each lesson is individualized to be geared towards the pace they are comfortable with. Not only will you train your ear to pick up pitches better, but you will establish strength and control in order for you to sing a song effortlessly. Learning the fundamentals and reinforcing the basics will be important in building that power in the voice.

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For the students who are scheduled on a weekly basis, you will be taught  personalized vocal warm-ups and exercises. These exercises are helpful towards becoming a more confident singer because it will make you familiarize yourself with your own voice. These exercises are there for you when you are getting ready for a performance or when you need it for public speaking. Warming up and cooling down when you sing is very important! To summarize, you get the right tools to help improve your singing while also preserving your voice for a long time.


After we warm up and vocalize for a few minutes, we will practice learning a song step by step. This will help build your repertoire and it will put your technique into action. The process of mastering a song takes time. We will go over the rhythm, the pitches, the dynamics, the musicality, the lyrics, and then we rehearse the song until you are confident and comfortable to perform it.

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Before taking lessons, please take a look at the policies and scheduling guidelines.



Online and In-Person lessons are available. 30 minutes or 1 hour.