I design each lesson I offer according to my students’ abilities, and make the necessary changes once I become more familiar with their needs. We will work on your performance so that when you go into an audition, you will be ready and confident. Casting likes to see your personality and that you are a great person to work with. During lessons, we will train you for any upcoming auditions.


No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll still need to work on performing your song, not just singing it. Musical theatre performers are expected to understand their lyrics and use their acting skills to tell a story. We will find the character's motivations, needs, wants, and goals when you bring your song to lessons. This will require taking apart the song, and explore the world in which the song takes place. That way, you are fully in the moment and committing to the words on the page.


Musical theater performers are not only singing, but they are storytelling as well. The challenge is finding the right songs to bring out for auditions. When taking lessons with me, you will receive guidance on how to build your audition book on top of working on technique. You will be given exclusive organizational tips and sheets that will help you check out what types of audition songs you need for your binder. Understanding where your cuts are will also be discussed with me so that you know exactly where in your music you need to sing. Your audition book will be ready before you know it!


Not only are we improving our acting skills, but we will develop healthy habits to become strong singers. Performing on stage takes a lot of stamina. With me, you will learn breathing exercises, vowel placement, resonance, and more. If you want to work on your belt or your mix, I have some exercises to help you get there.


Performing on stage can feel overwhelming. The way you perform makes a difference and if you are afraid to be in front of an audience, it really shows. There are ways to overcome that. Through time, we will work on getting rid of that fear and you'll be able to transition the focus away from insecurity to more confidence.


If you are a taking lessons with me for musical theatre, I will help guide you through making some self-tapes for your auditions. There are certain formats and standards you are expected of when submitting a video to a theater company or for a college program. A professional self-tape can really show if you are an experienced performer or not. Of course, your performance will need to be the priority and then we can work on creating the self-tape. The self-tape will be unsatisfactory if the performance is not showing your full potential. If this is one of your goals, start contacting for lessons!



For those who want a private intensive where you learn singing, dancing, and acting, I have multiple pricing packages to choose from. Lessons will be catered to audition preparation. You will be given scripts, sheet music, callback sides, dance choreography, mock auditions, and more within this private intensive. This is only for serious students who want a one on one training program with devoted attention. The fee is different from the regular lesson rates and provides 40+ hours of exceptional training, organization, and instruction throughout the training process.