• Tina Nguyen

How To Stay a Healthy Singer

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

  1. Make sure to warm-up properly before practicing your song in full.

  2. Practice everyday. You get better when you put effort into the work and find ways to improve. It'll build stamina and strength just like exercising.

  3. No dairy before a performance or an audition. It produces phlegm and it'll be difficult to stay consistent while singing.

  4. Cool down after a high intensity performance or anytime after you practice singing. Use some vocal scales and exercises to relax your tongue and throat. Take a break for the rest of the day once you finish.

  5. Hydration is important. Drink water throughout the day so you won't dry out your vocal chords and it's just really good for you!

  6. Sleep. Get enough sleep so that your body can recover and reset your muscles for the next day.

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